SJHA is dedicated to the maintenance and dynamic growth of youth hockey in Washington State while developing Seattle Junior Hockey Association as one of the premier youth athletic programs in North America.

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16U SJHA Development Program/Super Series




To develop the top 24-32 16U Seattle Junior Rep level players from September through the end of February by deploying a highly competitive skill development program designed for those players focused on playing higher level hockey.  This program will mirror the SJHA 14U A1 team that Coach Brian and Coach Scott have directed the past two seasons, as well as the 12U Development Team (2014-15).  Emphasis will be on fun in a highly competitive setting.  Player selection will be made via invitation only.   We are looking for good kids, good students, great teammates and those that want to elevate their game. 


Program Description: 

The program will feature top level player instruction using proven methods to develop higher level individual skills, hockey IQ and team play.  All players will practice together, learn the same team tactics and concepts.  Players will be instructed to play in all game situations, which may not be the case with other Rep level programs.  We want to provide all of our players the confidence and the tools to execute (and sometimes fail) in critical game situations.  If you are up, you are up and will roll out the gate with your 4 other teammates.  At this stage of their player development, we don’t feel that these players will gain additional value by playing in the Canadian Pacific Coast league.  We don’t need to take the kids to Canada every weekend, burn 6 hours of windshield time to play a 1 ½ hour game to figure out that they need work executing the breakout, defending in the neutral zone, cycling offensively, or fore-checking effectively.  Our testing grounds happen during League Play (see below), our proving grounds take place during Tournament Play (see below).   


League Play (18-20 games): 

For league play, games will be set in a best of 5 series format with balanced teams that are drafted by the coaches and rotating team captains.  League play will consist of 18-20 games that are played at either Olympicview Arena or Lynnwood Ice Center.  When the best of 5 series is over, two new captains will be designated for each team and assigned to one of the two head coaches, a new draft will take place and the deck will be shuffled.  In essence, your teammate one series could be your opponent the next.  The teams will compete in each best of 5 series for the Super Series Cup.  Because our League Play rosters will not exceed 16 players per team (26-32 total in the program, including goalies), players will have more playing time during games.  More ice time means more opportunity to develop as a player in game situations. 


In addition, there will be opportunities for additional exhibition games vs. other local/regional 16U or 18U teams (some check/non-check depending on the opportunity/opponent).  Players selected for these exhibition games will be determined by the coaches and our roster may change from game to game depending on the anticipated level of competition, player work ethic, individual and team skill progression.  We call this Player Currency.  Philosophically, the coaches will not shorten the bench, try to align certain player match-ups, etc. during games.  The emphasis of the League Play and Tournament Play is progression as a whole.  Game results are a measuring stick for how much our players are learning, how hard they competing and how willing they are to play for each other.  League Games will have referees and scorekeeping.  It will be contact hockey.


Tournament Opportunities: 

We anticipate taking both balanced teams to one (1) tournament prior to Winter Break.  In the second half of the season, all players will have the opportunity to play in an additional tournament/participate in a unique hockey experience (think Outdoor tournament, Winthrop Outdoor Hockey Weekend, or something similar).  Additionally, our goal is to have as many of our 16U kids considered for the PNAHA 16U Development Camp.  Last, we plan to invite our best performing 17 players for a post January 1st tournament (either in January or February). 


  •          Training Camp – First week following Labor Day (Week of September 4th, 2017)
  •          Two (2) - 1 hour 15 minute practices per week
  •          Shooting Room (1x per week, 1 hour)
  •          Dryland Training (1x per week, likely before practice)
  •          Supplemental goalie instruction/goalie coaching 1x per week
  •          League Play (18-20 games, all players)
  •          Exhibition Game Opportunities (invitation based)
  •          Tournament Opportunities (1 tournament prior to Winter Break, 1-2 after Winter Break)
  •          Promotion of our players to PNAHA Development Camp
  •          Contact Camp (1-2 off-ice contact clinics @ Arena Sports, Seattle)
  •          No Thanksgiving or Mid-Winter Break games/mandatory commitments
  •          Season ends at the end of February so we don’t interfere with High School sport commitments
  •          Home and Away Jersey included as part of Base Program Cost
  •          Expected total number of games, including tournaments, will be 30-40 games


Base Program Cost:  $1,800.00**

Additional costs will include player cost for shooting room, tournament entry fees, travel (tournaments), and other related team costs.



Please contact Coach Brian Bruininks directly.    For more information about Coach Brian, please see his resume below.

(206) 856-6249



*Coaches may use the Training Camp week to complete evaluations, invite/select additional players.


**May vary $200-$300 for season depending on final program invitees. 



Coaches reserve the right to limit the total program roster to fewer than 32 players in order to ensure player parity.


Bruininks Coaching Resume